Monday, September 12, 2016

Follow where God leads

It is important to keep on a forward path in life, toward progress. Sometimes we don't really know where it will lead us, but we feel impelled to follow where the Divine guides us, one step at a time.

We feel ourselves challenged in new areas, assaulted with new knowledge and aware we are embarking on a new path on our journey through life.

Embrace it with joy, knowing that God as a purpose to all things and would not lead us into troubled waters. He will provide what we need, when we need it, in order to succeed.

For S/He has a plan for us and we have a destiny to fulfill. Life, like the sea, is not always calm and serene but has its high and low tides, its stormy days when it crashes onto the shore.

If all days were the same life would be boring indeed, and there would be no new things to look forward to. Life, like the waves, is constant movement, a moving forward to gather what we can and bring it into use that we absorb new things, feelings, growth, understanding, evolvement, and purpose.

Each day is a new awakening, filled with hidden treasures to discover as it develops. Not all of them may be pleasant, but if we have the right outlook we will recognize the lessons we receive and the contribution toward our continual potential.

See life for the gift that it is and seek a greater purpose to living. Be aware of your environment, both exterior and interior. See the beauty of the world and the realization that all things, we included are God's creations and S/He wants the best for our world and for us.

Be at peace knowing you are loved unconditionally and that you are never alone. God sends His Angels to watch over you both day and night to keep you in His loving care. He has great plans for you. Open your arms and heart to receive. Remember, you are loved.