Thursday, September 8, 2016

A day for spirit

Set aside a day for spirit where your intent is not physical, although it may be included, but spiritual. Recognize, for you, what activities bring you a greater sense of the spiritual and of feeling at peace. It may be a drive to the country, a walk on the beach collecting shells, working in the garden, weeding, trimming, and planting.

For some, it is relaxing with a book, for others just sitting on their porch and communing with nature. During this day attempt to bring a spiritual feeling into all that you do, including preparing a meal. See things with new eyes as if the spirit has given you enlightened vision and you will find yourself noticing things you may ordinarily overlook.

Color becomes more enhanced and everything looks in greater detail. The sky becomes a glorious background to the mountains and the trees and the horizon is limitless to our eyes. Which can bring to mind infinity and other thoughts of the Divine.

Let your mind be open, unbound by concentration. It is a day to let the spirit breathe and for us to just be. Rid your mind of those of things that must be accomplished and give yourself over to peacefulness.

In this state, we are more receptive to hearing the still small voice of the Divine. Of a spiritual knowing and receiving Divine guidance. It is truly a day not only to let go and let God, but of awareness of His presence in all things and to feel an affinity and connectedness to everything and everyone in our existence, the universe, and beyond.

You become an integral part of all-that-is and you have a sense of gratitude for all you see, the air you breathe, for the breeze's touch, and for God who loves you so much.