Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happiness in the now

Happiness is not a condition of fulfillment, but an inner contentment. It is not dependent on receiving something we desire, fulfilling a goal or achieving a certain outcome. Happiness is a "chosen" state of mind, you can be happy in the here and now by quieting your mind and observing the beauty around you.

Listening to the soft rustle of the leaves blowing in the breeze. Be aware of the infinite palette of colors in the flowers, the sky. The clouds and the trees. The variances of greens alone in countless shadows and light transform them and also cast their own designs.

Nature's wonders are in themselves a form of happiness. What can be more peaceful than listening to the sound of a creek trickling overs rocks or waves lapping at the shore? But so often we have our minds so preoccupied with endless thoughts that we do not even notice the world around us.

Happiness is a choice to release the continuous chatter of our mind, to become quiet and aware. And a feeling of contentment and peace will invade your soul, and just as suddenly the sounds of the birds becomes distinct where before you were deaf to their song and conversation.

What does happiness really require? Only that we stop. Be in the now and in appreciation of the wondrous gifts of the Divine has blessed us with. Instead of dwelling on those things we lack, concentrate on the blessing we have.

We can start with our senses, those that we have. To see, to hear, to feel, to taste, to smell. How wonderous each is and we should take the time to be joyous. That is why daily gratitude is so important.

It reaches us awareness. To recognize and to be thankful for even small things. For happiness is created within. It is not an outward acquisition, but an inner contentment.