Saturday, September 17, 2016

Moving On

There is a time in life for everything and it as all part of the growth to whom we become. We start out helpless and sometimes we end up helpless and in-between is life.

We learn to crawl, normally, before we learn to walk and run. As in all things, we must learn the basics before we can conquer the more difficult challenges.

The same with school, we must learn our ABC's before we conquer more conceptual problems. We must learn a skill before we can apply it, and we must progress in order to keep learning.

To go on to the next step, the next course, the next grade, etc. And as we travel our road in life we will outgrow certain relationships, jobs, careers, friendships, and it is time to move on in order to continue our growth and to realize our potential and purpose.

To be constantly in a safe comfort zone is not conducive to continued growth. We must stimulate the mind in order for it to remain healthy and this means broadening our horizons, seeking new challenges, and at times starting over from scratch in a whole new direction.

We should look forward to all learning with anticipation for we are adding new depths to ourselves and discovering new facets, new goals, new interests, new people, and a whole new aspect to our lives.

We may discover hidden talents we were unaware of which leads to a whole new career. Life is not static, but like the weather is always changing, filled with surprises, and new adventures.

Welcome opportunities. Have faith that there is a purpose and in your ability to learn and grow. We all have a tendency to fear the unknown, but we need not let it paralyze us. We can meet them and move on to greater knowledge and confidence.