Monday, September 26, 2016

Look for the lesson

Sometimes we are given chaos so that we can appreciate the times of peace in our lives and strive for it. When we are in turmoil it is also a lesson in patience. That we learn to walk away instead of acting irrationally.

That we learn to seek out God and go within that we may better deal with the crisis without. Let us pray on what is disturbing our life, to seek inner calm, and to ask for Divine assistance. What is the lesson to be learning in this situation?

Seek it out and acknowledge it that you may grow in spirit. There is a Divine lesson in all things, but unless we seek the peace that only God can bring we are blinded to the message. Thank you God for your teachings.

For your lessons that we may grow. For your messages that we may listen and for the peace you give us when we seek you in all things. Thank you for the gift of this day and every day. Help me to see the blessings and overlook the hardships.

Let me acknowledge your guidance and be grateful. Let me be aware of the Angels you put in my path and that make a difference in my life. You have strengthened my faith and appreciation of life.

I rely on you alone as my supply of abundance. You are the source that fills my needs and makes all things possible. As I struggle to learn a new path in life open up my mind that I may absorb the new knowledge.

Help me to be patient with myself and not compare myself to the abilities of others. You always send what I need when I need it and those to help me when I need help. Let me not forget that, Oh Lord, and get tangled up in my fears.

Faith is the release of those fears by letting go and putting them in God's hands knowing that He will always work things out for our highest good. Thank you Father!