Thursday, September 1, 2016

Have Hope

Hope is "how one patiently endures," for we can endure many things when we have hope. Hope for an end to all prejudice, hate, destruction, and war. An end to violence and a beginning of world peace. And the first step for each of us is to "let it begin with me".

If we each chose to be disciples and champions of peace who would there be left to declare war? All it takes is each one of us deciding not to participate in anything but love and hope.

We can each be an example of living in the spirit of the Divine. We each can reach out in kindness instead of hatred or prejudice. We can wish all we encounter "go in peace".

We all are free to choose, to say otherwise is to deny spiritual freedom. And it takes patience for even Jesus had to wait 9 months to be born. If we keep reacting in kindness to others, even to their unkind words, their hateful attitudes, and their anger, it will become second nature.

The way you choose to act will become the way you react, unconsciously. We can endure anything for at least a day and we can change much one day at a time. Choose to be loving today. Choose to be of a generous heart today.

Choose to be tolerant of any animosity for today. Choose to do all things in kindness and hope for today and tomorrow will take care of itself. For tomorrow eventually will become today and we can choose to live it in Divine hope again.

Hope is a path that we can choose to live that leads to many other blessings and the biggest is Divine peace and joy within. It not only changes our life but the lives of others around us as well.

At first, they may think we're too good to be true, but in consistency lies faith. And in each new day lies a new beginning and a greater hope for our world.