Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A time for everything

There is a time for everything and we often forget that there is God's own time. S/He knows better than we that we need time to heal and grow and the state of our spiritual progress and our readiness to move on.

S/He knows our path and purpose and will lead us and guide us and show us the way when the time is right. There are periods necessary for preparation before we climb to the next level or before turning the next corner.

It is not a period in limbo, but of liberty and spiritual growth and all that we need to prepare us for the next leg of our journey will be provided. It is a time to smell the roses and to be fully aware of the beauty around us and all God's blessings.

It is a time to go within not do without. The Divine knows what we need better than we do and before the realization comes to us. S/He is prepared to answer and is only awaiting our call. Sometimes called "the dark night of the soul" this period between life changes is an opportunity of the greatest spiritual growth and we should welcome it.

Everything in life will have more clarity. Answers will come to multiple questions and life will take on a whole new direction. It is like a milestone on our journey and a new fork in the road. It is a time for reparation and self-discovery.

A time of soul-searching and enlightenment. A time not of concentration but of meditation. We often forget in our daily routine, trivial pursuits, challenges, and what we consider life's worries that there is a greater purpose to our existence and we forget to ask "how are we to serve?".

What are we here to learn and to accomplish? When we learn to ask we receive the answers and life takes on a whole new meaning and deeper satisfaction.