Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Life is like seasons

Give me the words, Oh Lord, to help a troubled heart. To tell someone you must let go, when the time has come to part. For they must take their path, wherever it may lead, and yours is going a different direction on which you must proceed.

There's a time for cherishing what you have, and a time for letting go. For their path is the high road and yours is on the low. You cannot keep someone from traveling where God says that they must go, and when He says to pack your bags, you must take that road below.

Each road has its purpose, wherever it might lead, and if your paths cross once more, you'll be lucky in life, indeed. But we cannot cling when we're being called. We must bid that life goodbye. It's time to find what's around the bend, and when we climb the mountain, what's on the other side.

Our road may lead us to different worlds. We can still cherish what we had. For it helps us in our growth, and for that, we should be glad. Let us release each other and bid a fond adieu, and wish each other the best there is, for them as well as you.

For when we say we really love, when we say we really care, our concern should be their happiness. Not the way, how, or where. They say love is like a butterfly, and I think that it is true, and best of all it's freedom, to go and do what it must do.

We cannot hold it captive, for we would crush it so. We can only gently see it light, and then we watch it go. Life is like the season, there's a purpose to every one. There's a time for rain, and a time for snow.

And a time for summer sun, and life too has its seasons. There's a time to meet and a time to part. Thank God for that season and how it blessed your heart.