Sunday, September 18, 2016

What is a woman

Woman is the heart of the home. She gives it the warmth that you feel as you enter. She is the center of contentment and understanding that draws the family together. She is the tender of the hearth that keeps the flames of happiness as well as passion lit and a sense of peace within through an extra component of love God granted her.

It spills over on her family and friends enfolding them in the warmth of her compassion, tenderness, giving, and love. Hers is an understanding that runs deeper than her male counterpart for it is centered in the spirit of woman and cannot be taught.

Male love is generally more physical, while with woman it is more spiritual. Men who nourish and appreciate this love are wise and reap the benefits of their attentiveness. It is important for woman to feel appreciated not just for what she does, but for the self that she is.

Today many woman not only continue to keep the home running smoothly, but carry the burde of an outside job as well. Their work is endless and does not stop with the timeclock. Some men share in chores and some do not.

Often times those that do act as if it is a favor to their wives instead of a shared giving to the home and do not recognize the contribution she is making but take it for grated as woman's work, therefore not important.

They have no idea how endless it is, but feel they have earned their own rest. A woman is more than a partner and companion, mother and caretaker, career woman and homemaker. She lights up a room when she enters with her inner being.

She hears between the words to the spirit. She lives in truth and trust, as well as love. She gives more than 100%. She gives her all. She exceeds in patience and understanding. She transcends labels. She is the foundation of family and always where she is needed. She is God's hands.