Monday, September 19, 2016

Teach your children well

How do we stay in the spirit of love and how do we teach our children the meaning of love? To be kind to one another? To not say the hurtful words that spring to their tongue? To learn to share and to give? To recognize the brotherhood in others and not their differences? To treat with kindness and gentleness even the small animals?

We teach by example, so we must start with ourselves. Guard you own tongue that you do not lash out in anger, at them or in front of them. Be an example of kindness in your thoughts and in your deeds.

Teach them how to share and how to give by the deeds you yourself do. Think of an act of kindness you can do today and let them be a part of it. At Christmas have them choose a gift for an unknown boy or girl. Buy it, wrap it, and deliver it to an organization dedicated to making lives better.

Teach them about God, and how to be forgiving. Let them help at a homeless shelther that serves food on holidays or just ordinary days. Visit a children's hospital so that they may know they are blessed.

Read to them meaningful stories. Guard what they see and hear on T.V. and in the movies. Invite one speacial friend to share a day, taking turns that reach may have the friend of the day with all of your children.

Treat everyone you meet, no matter what color, financial status, religion, or sex, with respect so that they not grow up with prejuidice. Make friends from all walks of life. Teach them to look at the world with appreciation.

To plant and see things grow. To feed the birds and watch them nest and learn to fly. Teach them about family history that they may be proud of their roots. Start new traditions in your own family and make them an active part.

Sing together, play together, and pray together that you strengthen the family bonds. Teach them to respect themselves as swell as others. Teach them to love.