Thursday, September 15, 2016

Waiting is a gift

Sometimes waiting can be the hardest thing to do, and sometimes it seems as if we are too often waiting for something to begin or something to end. But waiting is a process of change and we need to use it more constructively.

To see it as an opportunity, and to decide what we want to accomplish during this period. Especially if it is going to encompass a good deal of time. Such as a recovery from an accident or an illness.

How can we put this time to good use so we can feel we are growing instead of in limbo? We can see it as a window of time that allows us to do things we never had time for some hobby or crafts. Some reading or study. To write a story or start a book.

To organize your photography. To take a class or home study. We can realize that there is a purpose to all things, even waiting. If there are no coincidences to what purpose are you to use the time? Seek Divine advice and insight.

Meditation is one way of learning to be at peace while waiting. To go within. To seek spiritual growth. To make new discoveries. To find a new path. To recognize your true journey.

It is important to make a decision and begin, for vegetating does not expand the mind, but withers it instead. Can you contribute your time to a good cause that you may be of service in some way?

If you cannot do, might you not teach so that you may share with someone your knowledge? You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish while waiting and how valuable a gift that time can be.

And even when the waiting is short never assume we are being neglected, but that there is a good reason and be prepared to listen for it is the only way to truly know.