Sunday, September 4, 2016

The gift unknown

Sometimes we look with envy at the life of others and feel if we only had their money, their talent, their advantages, life would be better, and then we have the realization that all the money, the power, and the privileges in the world cannot prevent tragedy, loss, nor loneliness.

It cannot buy health or happiness. It cannot give us the privacy we seek or protect our loved ones. We realize we would not wish to lose our simplicity to live in a fish bowl of frenetic photographers and reporters dogging our every move.

Oh, the sweetness of peace and anonymity. The freedom of the unknown to go wherever they please. Unnoticed, unmolested, what a wonderful gift it is to have this peaceful existence, this serene simplicity.

We can at these times value the freedom we have to walk in a public place and be unrecognized. To go out to eat and have a quiet meal undisturbed. These are gifts we do not often take the time to be grateful for.

To be able to grieve privately is a blessing we don't realize until we see how intrusive others can be to the well known. Some have no shame or true sympathy and feel even your pain is newsworthy and it is their right to record it.

Oh, thank you God for the wonderful peace and simplicity of my life. I would not choose to walk in the shoes of the famous. All the wealth in the world would not be worth the loss of private contemplation or peaceful activity.

It seems that fame and fortune don't give you more rights, but less. For you pay for it with your life as an open book to be read, examined, criticized, envied, and exploited by others.

You question the motivation of those who offer friendship and love. As I sit here in my quiet space, at peace and alone, I realize what a gift it truly is.