Friday, September 16, 2016

Take the first step

When we are in fear we block our own abundance and create chaos in our lives. If we anticipate that things will be difficult or lacking, that is what we will bring into our lives. Our fear speaks to us in the reality that we ourselves create.

Fear, like every other emotion, generates energy that is put out into the universe and it responds. That is why when a great number of people pray for peace they send waves of love out that others many miles and miles away can feel.

We need to be conscious of our emotions. When fear and doubt creep into our consciousness we need to examine why. For our fear can actually block our own good fortune. Sometimes what we fear is change, the unknown.

Our ego tells us it is safer to be where we are as we know what to expect in our present situation, even if it is filled with difficulties and lack. It is familiar. Even if it is a job or a relationship we've outgrown, is destructive to our self, and is not in our own best interest.

We may find ourselves clinging to it like a lifeline. What is around the corner is hidden even if it may be a better world. Most of us tend to fear change and can actually cause our own ill-fortune. Then we feel vindicated that our fears have proven us right.

Instead, we must learn to step back to see the reality of our own imprisonment. What we think of as safety is really entrapping us. We can never move forward until we take that first step which is found in faith.

Trust in the Divine to know what is in your best interest and allow Him to bless you with all the beauty and joy He wants to bring into your world.

You must take the first step by opening the door to opportunity and your heart to love so that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit and fulfill your own higher purpose.