Friday, September 30, 2016

God is our power

There is power in right living. It is the power of God in our lives. It is not just in releasing fear, but in releasing it over and over, a constant turning toward God. It sometimes seems that the more we believe the more we are tested in life.

We climb one hurdle successfully and another one appears. This is a honing of our faith, as in tempered steel, it is a means of strengthening us in our faith and thus, we should give thanks. We learn through it our need for constant vigilance, and God's unconditional love in our lives, as well as seeking His guidance in the outcome of the many situations that arise.

There is nothing we can do alone, but much that can be accomplished with and through Him, that is our Father, and He only wishes the very best for us. S/He teaches us to reach higher and further than we ever thought possible. That we can reach for the stars and beyond. That when we think we only have enough to feed a few, we can feed many.

The possibilities through Him are endless and S/He wants to show us the way. The path is through faith. We think in limitations, God knows none. We worry about our supply whereas S/He is the supply in abundance.

We worry about the source, S/He is the source. We experience fear, S/He knows only possibilities through faith. We are on a path, S/He is the light that shows us the way. We seek answers exteriorly, S/He knows that the answers come from within.

It is time to let the spirit guide us, as in seek spiritual wisdom from the higher power which is God. Then the answers are truth in actions and are for our highest good, not the set outcomes we imagine are best.

God's wisdom sees further than our limited vision and only S/He knows what is down the road and the difference a small change will make in our future well-being.