Saturday, September 24, 2016

Start to change your mind

We are to be grateful for our humanness for God has made us so. Of Saints S/He creates few and they for an example to us all. Many others of us are to teach through our weaknesses, our stubbornness, our piety, our dedication, our seeking and our sins.

For everything in our life is an example to someone, somewhere. Even in our unawareness we learn by those that touch our spirit in one way or another. We explore life through our friendships, those that we love, and also through adversity.

Everything we experience while here on earth is a lesson in our development. Otherwise, God would not have sent them into our lives. We need to welcome even the difficulties as a gift. To thank the Divine and search for the lesson it holds.

What am I supposed to learn through this experience? If we do not see the experience for the lesson it is and learn from it, we will continue to have it visited on us in other forms until we do. That is how life lessons work.

Eventually, hopefully, we get it! And then we can move on for truly there are more lessons waiting as life itself is continued growth, and when we can no longer learn from life then what we came to accomplish is done.

That chapter in our evolution finished. We each come here with our own hidden agendas. It is up to us to find our purpose along the way. Some of us do this more quickly than others and that is as it's meant to be.

It is not up to us to say "they just don't get it!" We can only look toward our own personal growth and try to be an example of love through action, thought, prayer, and expression, both verbal and nonverbal.

For how we act or react says as much as what we speak aloud. It is only through change of mind that we change our actions as well. When we know better, we do better.