Saturday, September 10, 2016

One in unity

When I really listen I can learn so much more. I can understand the whys behind the behaviors of others and I can also quiet myself and begin to see the reasoning behind my own actions and reactions.

We need to look behind our own fears to see the cause. Life consists of a cause and effect existence. In order to change, we must first understand. Only then can we reorder our principles of living. We need to stop, look, and listen.

Ask God for His help that we may truly hear, have greater insight in our vision, and flexibility in our listening that we not suffer from tunnel vision that only accepts our point of view and rejects all others.

When you see different you will do different, and when you know better you will do better. There is room for improvement in all of us, unless we've been declared a saint, and that is rare indeed.

We don't need to go to a desert or hibernate in a cave away from the world, but to be more open, to learn to listen, and seek answers instead of being insistant and judgmental.

Thre are many roads to where we seek to go. No one path is the right and only path. And so opinions may vary and still be right. What works for others may not work for us and vise versa.

God made us all unique and still we are all created in His image which helps us to understand that "God is all things". It would take all of us together, each a piece in the puzzle to become a glimmer in the great understanding of the Divine.

Knowing this we can learn to discover a new part in the diversity of man. Composite works on intersecting paths each with his own portion of truth, which joined together will make a greater whole collectively. Take time to listen, see, learn.