Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We get what we need

God gives us what we need to bless and enrich our lives. We may want riches that we may know outer pleasure and He gives us trials that we may know inner strength. We may ask to be successful that we may know power and He gives us hardships that we may learn compassion.

We may ask for a fine house that we may know comfort and what He gives us is a home that we may know love. We may seek to be famous that we may be looked up to by others and God gives us solitude that we may find Him.

We may wish to help multitudes that we may be revered and instead we ourselves are helped by a few and they are called friends. We may wish to be alone so we don't have to share and instead, He gives us a family so we learn how to care.

We may wish to travel the world yet God gives us the gift of cultivating our own garden, right in our own backyard. We may feel we know everything and can have it all. God shows us that He is the way and all we need is faith.

We think we can control our lives, He shows us it is full of surprises. When we learn to let go and let God we find much more than we were looking for. We find true purpose, serenity, daily gratitude, fulfillment, peace, love, guidance, service, the word, the way, and God.

We learn to give for the joy of giving, that God is our supply of abundance when we serve Him. He supplies all we need to succeed. We stop looking to ourselves and others as an outer source and learn through faith the universe, through Divine will, becomes the only source we need.

God asks that we have faith and fulfill the purpose given us. Thus, God reaches the hearts and lives of others through the acts we perform in His name for His good, and the good of all.