Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Look before you leap

It is important to speak truth and to investigate our feelings before reacting. To think things through saves us from embarrassment later. And from making false assumptions that cause conflict in our lives.

Unfortunately, we tend to react from the "me" perspective. It is better to examine the problem to understand our reaction. They may be two different issues. Our reactions are often composites of feelings, assumptions, hurts, the ego, insecurities, and other accumulated emotions that we have not addressed, but bottled up inside.

The problem may set off a chain reaction out of proportion to the event or the issue. Before reacting we need to quiet ourselves, and thoroughly examine everything including what we are feeling and why.

Do we want to address it, why and how, to be most effective and then to do it in the most Christian way possible. Ask questions of the other person to get their viewpoint before making new accusations, consider it spiritual homework, or damage control.

Life is a spiritual journey, not a battle ground. Learn to examine the need for your defenses before putting them up. And it's okay to ask "what would Jesus do?". Try to mend the fences or repair bridges when little ruts appear instead of waiting for it to collapse and trying to rebuild it from scratch.

Sometimes rebuilding doesn't always work, sometimes the participants aren't willing to rebuild. And sometimes we can rebuild using a stronger foundation. Rely on God and prayers to see you through to make the right decisions.

Always be willing to accept responsibility for yourself and your actions. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Do all things in Love and see the Divine in the others you are addressing.