Friday, September 23, 2016

God gives us grace

Amazing grace. God sends it to us to get through the hard times. When we think we are so overwhelmed we cannot go on S/He sends us the grace, through others, and through wondrous acts, to continue one step at a time.

It is a reassurance of His love for us and fills us with hope in the most trying times, and we know we are blessed. There is nothing we cannot accomplish with His help. No hardship that cannot be conquered with His assistance, and through His Divine grace.

It is not something you earn, but a gift from a loving Father, bestowed generously, in love, and yes, it is amazing and wonderous. It teaches us the true meaning of what it is to give love unconditionally with an open heart and open arms.

We ourselves can be the tools He uses to accomplish what we could not do alone. He asks that we reach out to others in Christian brotherhood and love. Recognize in others the spirit of God within. No one comes into our lives accidently, but for the opportunity to touch each other in some small way through His guidance.

Life is like a train station and God is the conductor, guiding us through our journey and to our destination, making many stops along the way to let new people enter and others exist. We need not meet Him at the station, but anywhere along the line and S/He will open the doors for us to climb aboard, to travel with Him in our lives and to meet and greet others along the way.

Do a kindness whenever you can for these are God's joys S/He allows us to perform. It is our chance to serve Him and it will be passed on by others. There is not a  greater way to live than to be of service to your Father whether it is wiping away a tear, saying a prayer, sharing a meal, lending a hand, or giving a smile. It doesn't have to be big but it has to be from the heart.