Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wisdom is true wealth

Seek not wealth, but wisdom. For money is not a commodity that will bring you the happiness you anticipate, but wisdom can guide you to be content in your life, realize its blessings, see the value in friends and family, share that others may prosper as well as yourself, to be generous with your time, and to be alive to each moment of every day.

Wisdom is the true wealth of the world that can only be earned through attentiveness, to life's lessons, and personal growth through them. It is a process over time and can be gained not only through seeking but in silent observance.

You cannot win it in a lottery or find it on public T.V., but reading can help us expand our horizons. A good book is a gift to the mind. We cannot take money beyond this life with us, but wisdom is part of the process we were sent here to reap and gather during times of harvest and it becomes part of who we are in spirit as well as in body, thus it will continue on with us to another plane and future progressions of our phases of self.

Wisdom is also gained with age, day by day, year after year, life after life, eon after eon, for all eternity. It is a degree in advancement, but is not sought by everyone. Some prefer to keep repeating the same old tune and so are stuck in the rut of reliving the same lesson in different forms until they undersstand it for what it is.

Others never learn the true meaning of life, but are on a constant search for gratification through addictions, status, possessions, life styles that are only shallow forms of really living. Our other purpose is to serve God in some way in our life, mainthly through love.

For the basic Diving teaching is love and the second is forgiveness. The giving and receiving of love and forgiveness are what can heal the pain of the world, can bring peace, open hearts and storehouses, ends greed and hatred, eliminates prejudice, feeds the hungry, and helps us realize the brotherhood of all.