Friday, February 6, 2015

Pray for others

When we pray for others we also are blessed, for when we give we also receive. When our prayers for others are answered we experience joy, and it increases not just their faith but ours. It leads us away from fear and makes us more conscious of a world beyond ourselves.

We learn to care about the suffering of others and to give back, if only in prayer. We acknowledge a higher power and seek help and guidance. We know we are never alone and that God can do what we cannot do for ourselves.

In return we receive faith, joy, peace, and a greater awareness. It is good to be concerned about others. It is important that we believe. Nothing is impossible with God. He works miracles everyday. Be open to the possibilities that we too can receive miracles in our lives.

When we pray don't limit God but be open to the possibilities that He will give us even more than we ourselves would ask for. Be generous with others, affirm your abundance and your belief that God will provide.

Acknowledge your belief that God loves you unconditionally. He does not ask that you earn it, only accept it and do likewise. God does not turn away from us, it is we who turn away from God. Sometimes we say we are not worthy, or are too busy, some of us claim to not even believe.

It doesn't matter, God believes in you. He always has time for you and God will show us how not only to forgive others but to forgive ourselves. Just ask Him. Prayer doesn't have to be formal. There are no set formulas to prayer just open your heart and your thoughts.

Share your life, your joys, and your sorrows, your concerns and your triumphs, and remember to thank Him for all your blessings. Abundance is possible, so is love, rewarding work, friends, and family, and a peaceful existence. All we need do is include God in our life, believe so that we may receive, and be grateful for all that we have.