Thursday, February 12, 2015

Remember to give thanks

Give thanks to the Lord every day; give thanks for there are blessings in all things. When I no longer had a job I gave thanks and God provided me with ability to learn a new occupation, one that has brought me much joy.

When I no longer had a regular paycheck that I could count on I gave thanks and God has provided me with an abundance I never had before and a realization that He, not me, is the source of my abundance.

When I felt down I gave thanks and God in His wisdom has lifted me up with the worlds I need for spiritual growth and to be at peace. He has set me on a new path of enlightenment, of greater consciousness, and awareness in all things.

When my back, shoulders, arms and hands, as well as my fingers are sore and at times I am unable to sleep I give thanks for the discomfort reminds me of the many who are injured worse than me, even paralyzed and cannot feel pain or the tingling of numbness and would be grateful to change place in my pain, which is tolerable.

I give thanks for my sight, my hearing, my sense of touch and smell. To know the beauty of God's creation and above all to recognize the blessings in my life. To realize I am learning through everything I experience and to give thanks. God gives us the ability to be grateful.