Thursday, February 19, 2015

No doubt

Perhaps I have written too freely
of my love for you
it is hard for me... really
to keep back the things I am feeling
especially this love for you
somehow I know there is no healing
my heart can endure
for even though you rejected me
my love was pure
and purity in love is not like a smile
a wistful thing
that can come and go.... I do not
need a ring
to prove you've been here... my love will grow
... I know... and I will blow the dust
from my heart.... though we did part
and all the colors of the rainbow
will come streaming in.... blue, yellow, rust
gold, green, red... and they will fill the spaces
that were left there in your stead
and through my soul will shine
all colors... every here
and there will be no doubt of mine
about my love for you