Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our own destiny

We need to follow our destiny wherever it leads, for each of us has a purpose here in life. God has set a path before us that is uniquely ours. He has given us each our own lessons to learn in this lifetime. Each lesson is for our spiritual growth thus should we embrace it and be grateful, even if, at the time, we cannot see the benefits it holds for us.

Only God knows all things, ask for His guidance along the way and you will receive it. Life is never stagnant but always evolving. To continue to seek knowledge keeps us moving forward on life's path. Each step leads us forward. Take time to be in appreciation each day.

Continue to set new goals, to be of greater service. Live in joy your own life not in envy of others for we never know the difficulties others may be experiencing but we can always realize our own joys. Always strive to do the best you possibly can at whatever you choose to do but do not be competitive with others.

Seek to do work that you love for you will find greater purpose in it. Make of your home a reflection of your spiritual self and invite God to abide with you there, asking Him to bless it and all who enter through its portal. Be authentic with yourself and others.

Do not strive to be someone you are not. God created you perfect, just as you are. Be grateful for no one is exactly like you. We are all unique and each his his own path, his own destiny to fulfill. No one else can achieve what you were sent here to accomplish and it is never trivial in God's eyes.

We cannot all be famous in the world but we are never less that another in the eyes of God. Learn to love yourself as God does. God does not make mistakes, only perfection. What can you do to make a difference while you are here?

What has God called you to do? Embrace it with joy for you are serving God's will for you and no one else could do it better.