Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teach me, Oh God

Let me be accepting of what I can change, which is me and my attitude. Let me give all that I can give in love, friendship, acceptance, support, help, prayers, and a sharing of faith. Let me be the best person I can possibly be.

Help me to be generous of heart and to concentrate on the good life brings instead of lingering on the negative. Help me to live each day joyfully God for you are with me each day, showing me the way, guiding me, instructing me, but best of all - loving me, wholly and unconditionally.

We have a choice to make of our life what we will. There will always be good times and bad times. All we can do is accept them as they come and know you give us the strength to carry on through all circumstances.

Just as, after a rain, the sun shines again, so too do all hardships pass. I think you God for the lessons in all things. Nothing is wasted when we learn from the experience. I look forward to each new day and what will be revealed to me through it.

I see the blessings for what they are, even those that only will be revealed in time. Help me not to be judgemental, God, for I know not the hearts and minds of others. The only thing I can control are my own actions and reactions.

Let me always seek you before I speak. Let me not hide anything from you God but share everything with you that you may help me grow in spirit and wisdom. Help me be quick to forgive as I myself would want to be forgiven.

Teach me how to laugh often. To reach out as an ambassador of God, willingly giving all I have to give. Let me learn to accept gracefully as well as gratefully all that is given to me. Thank you God!