Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Accept God's Full Abundance

Each day there are new lessons to learn and I thank you for teaching me, Oh God. Today you showed me how often we turn down your gifts, as we ask for and expect, and thus receive less than you would bless us with. When we open our hearts wide you generously fill them to overflowing.

Help me to see God your abundance and to accept it from whatever source you choose to provide, in whatever amount. I read the story of the room in heaven filled with the many gifts, we in our lives have declined, that God has sent. Or that we have chosen less than God would have sent is there.

They sit with our names on them but never have been delivered. I know you want to give us many blessings. Help us to believe that we are worthy of receiving them as true children of God. Sometimes they come to our door and we blindly send them away because we are waiting for a miracle in another form.

We have often read the parable of entertaining strangers unawares but we don't expect them to come to our doorstep or that it may be disguised in another form. When you give us opportunities God let us not only be grateful but willing to accept the full abundance that you want to send us. Let us not be so stuck in our tunnel vision that we refuse your gifts because we didn't recognize them.