Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Count your blessings

Everything I read affirms that prayer is answered. When we reach out to God He not only answers, He lifts us up and changes our life. When we think we are reaching an ending in our life, we are actually experiencing a new beginning instead.

One door has closed and a new one has opened. Trust in God and step through into a new joy and fulfillment. God has nothing but blessings for us, for God is the bearer of unconditional love. Do not let fear keep you grounded in the past but let faith lead you into a new glorious future that God has prepared for you.

Keep your dreams alive but do not stay enmeshed in rigidity. Let God's will lead you to blessings you never dreamed of for yourself. For God will fulfill your purpose and more. With Him our cup truly overflows with goodness.

There are no negatives in God's world or in ours when we learn to follow His guiding light. Nothing before the day I gave my life into God's hands was ever filled with such peace and joy. Never have I experienced such and abundance and such hope.

What I had been clinging to were illusions. Now God has opened my eyes to His truth and His love is the guiding force in my life. Now I ask God's guidance in all things and await His answers, knowing they always come, many times with greater blessings than I ever anticipated.

Once we take one step forward in faith, God brings us the rest of the say. We learn to see things through new eyes, listen with new ears, and speak only from a loving heart. We recognize God in all others and see no one as our enemy.

We keep an open mind and see the possibilities in all things rather than any negativity. We are truly aware of the beauty of God's world and the gift of each day. Life is what we make of it, with God's help it is more amazing and filled with love and miracles. The old saying "count your blessings" is ten-fold when you live it in awareness and with God's guidance. Be at peace.