Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Just as day follows night or a rainbow shines after a storm, we too will again find ourselves in the radiance of God's blessings and see our times of trail as necessary to strengthen us and our faith for the expansion of knowledge we have acquired.

God never abandons us. It is we who are in doubt and must be brought back into the light. It is prayer during these times that sustains us. It is looking beneath the surface for the lessons we need to learn and embracing them with open arms and thanking God for the experiences, for through them comes a greater consciousness, greater patience, and yes greater humility as well.

Only God knows what He is preparing us for and none of our lessons my be equal in our service to God. Be we all are equal to the task before us. God sends each of us the teachers and experiences we need for our particular path.

We should not doubt Him but do our best at whatever He sends us to learn knowing we will be using it in the future in our service to Him. He may have some of us instructed to teach, or draw, to heal, to write, or any number of things.

Trust that God knows what He is doing and that you are up to the task. Know that in His infinite wisdom God makes no mistakes. Learn joyfully. Offer the pain we overcome in thanksgiving. Know you are loved and that rainbows await you.