Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Help me, help others

How can I be of help to others Dear God? How can I encourage them, what words can I use to make a difference? I trust in you for myself and I have experienced your grace in the peace of my life and you have led me on a new path that is very fulfilling.

Because I believe in you I also believe I will succeed and that what I do will make a difference. I am grateful to be able to encourage others. We all have difficult times for that is part of life and of learning. How can I help others God?

I know only you can make the difference but since I care to help too, give me the right words to make a difference. Help me to show others how faith can change their life. That fear is only a tool and not a state of being but of growing beyond.

That they can overcome the fear and depression through faith and taking that step, or leap, that will lead them into a new life where they too can be productive and make a difference. I too have been lost but now I am found.

I asked for you help and I received it. Others too need your help and I am asking on their behalf. Help them see the possibilities that are open to them, and please Dear God, help with the abundance that will make it possible.

The devil loves to torment us, to make us doubt, to keep us in the darkness for it keeps us away from you God. Help them to choose to reach out their hand so that you can pull them up. Show them that miracles are possible. Help them to regain their faith and to be productive. Enlighten their path and help make the way smooth. Thank you.