Wednesday, February 25, 2015

To share is to give love

The greatest gift we can give is to share. For what we share brings joy into our life as well as the lives of others. When we put things out of sight so that no one but us knows it is there, in the fear that someone may take it from us or that they also may want what we have also, and therefore we will not be unique in our possession, we are acting out of fear.

Of a desire to be special, of selfishness and greed. There is no joy in any of these feelings which leaves us as if in darkness. Sharing brings in the light, not only to our life, but the lives of others but into our hearts too. God means for all of us to share in His love and He loves all of us unconditionally.

He asks us to return that love not only to Him but to share it with all our brothers in Him. God is pure light. He is the absence of all darkness. Our fear is our own ego. Fear does not come from God. Only love does. When we close ourselves to others, that is not love.

When we deny our brothers what we can give or share, that is not love. Nothing we share decreases anything within us. Love and sharing are actually portents of our own power. We cannot make anyone less in the eyes of God, then we are.

To diminish another is to diminish one's own self. One who knows he is loved and is secure in him own self is able to give willingly to others from love, for they have found their own peace, nothing of this life can we take us, so why do we cling so desperately to things?

It is because we do not recognize our own immortality or our kinship to God. We are in fact denying Him with our own actions for we are denying His love as well as the love of our brothers which He commanded us to love as ourselves.

Therefore if we cannot love our brothers we cannot love ourselves either. We cannot hear the Holy Spirit speak to us for we have drowned Him out in our own fear. The Holy Spirit only asks that we release these fears unto Him and He will bring us back into the light and therefore we will know love.