Friday, February 27, 2015

Giving thanks and prayers

Help me to offer up prayers to those who need it, Dear God, sometimes that is the only way we can help. You hear every word we speak and even our thoughts before them. You know the sincerity of our hearts. I don't remember a day when there is not someone I pray for.

There is not only much tragedy in the world but those who feel helpless and depressed. Those who don't know how to reach out to you themselves. Those who are lost, weary, ill, oppressed, hungry, homeless or so caught up in material things they have forgotten what is important and that life is a spiritual journey.

My favorite prayers are those of gratitude for all the wonders, miracles, and blessings you work in our lives and for your sweet unconditional love. For your guidance and abundance. For the faith you have taught me that continues to grow and brings me peace.

For the beauty all around me that is your creation. For my friends and family. For what I can give to others in your name. Thank you for showing me the way. For teaching me, but mostly for your love. For all your forgiveness and the lessons you send that I may learn.

Thank you for the angels who watch over me and protect my loved ones as well. Thank you for the wind and the rain, the sunshine and flowers and thank you for the joy in my life.