Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We need only ask

Sometimes we forget what is truly important when we are caught up in worry, in mundane trivial things of life. Instead of being grateful, we worry. Instead of seeing the beauty around us and all the blessings we received daily from you, Dear God, for we are blinded by our own fear.

Let us lift up our eyes instead of being downcast. Let us be open to change instead of mired in the unimportant. Through faith we are released when we allow your will to become our will and live in the joy, peace and greater consciousness that you bring to us.

Life needn't be difficult if we stop struggling and turn to God for the answer. He is always awaiting us, never too busy for us, and will always answer us. I have learned that often God's response is almost immediate and at other times we must be patient and always believe for the answer is forthcoming.

Sometimes the answers are not as we expected but it is never less than what is for our greatest good. When we leave things in God's hands our life becomes a series of miracles at work. We can ask His help in anything and know that it is forthcoming.

It is always best to be ready when we call upon Him. To be prepared for marvelous changes, new vistas, a greater abundance and a life changed way of living. For once we invite God into our life He becomes a full participant and everything takes on new meaning.