Friday, February 13, 2015

Moving to new levels

It is easier to remember and practice faith in the good times, but our faith increases ten-fold when we hold on to it through the hard times. When we remember that God is with us each step of the way, that He never abandons us and that we cannot see clearly through a situation and where it may be leading.

Do not try to judge a situation, at all, as right or wrong. For only God knows what valuable lessons are contained and what joy may be waiting at the end of the road. Ask for peace, strength, and increased faith during times of struggle, doubt, and anxiety and God will see you through.

He will relieve of us all our negative thoughts, which are forms of fear and bring us back to truth. How can we have doubts, when all things come from God? He has much to teach us and we have many lessons to learn. One of them is strength and faith in adversity.

It builds spirit and character. God hones us so that we are prepared to deal with all things. When things are difficult we should not see them as bad. Things are simply more difficult at times, but that is how we learn. Compare it to school when each grade our level of learning becomes more advanced.

So too is life. Understand that, when we learn to work our way through problems we are achieving a higher curriculum in life lessons. We are advancing in spirit, and so we should be grateful too for the opportunity to learn more.

Instead of being in doubt, have faith that the purpose to all things is increased knowledge, and that peace is possible at all times. Trust in the Lord, and give thanks. Dear God I thank you for the lessons you are teaching me today.

For the opportunity to learn, and that I may be conscious of the beauty of all creation even in times of adversity. There is always reasons to be joyful and to be grateful as well. The sooner I learn, the sooner I can move on to a new level of understanding, always in your peace and love.