Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pray, trust, release

We must trust in God, even when we pray. Know that God hears your words, knows what is in your heart and will answer. Release your prayers to Him, do not cling to them like a lifeline afraid to let go. For it is only when we release that we can hear and receive.

It is saying "I have done all I can do, now it is up to you, Oh God". We offer up our prayers and lay them at God's feet. Then we wait in faith knowing that His answer will come. Often we are surprised by God's generosity and abundance, or at the speed we receive an answer as if He has been waiting for us to ask, and often He has been.

We do not pray to force God to our will but to conform us to His, for His plans for us are greater, more magnificent, than any plans we have for ourselves. We cannot see the larger picture, but God can. When we put our life in God's hands all kinds of miraculous events begin to happen.

Our life becomes a continuous product of synchronicity as God sends to us what and who we need when we need them. Things begin to fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle piece by piece becoming clearer as it becomes filled in and that path is made known.

We wonder why we spent so much time in struggle when all we had to do was release it to God. To give Him our fears so that He can give us faith. To release our insecurities that He may show us the way. We have but to ask, but ask we must for God has given us free will and it is us who must be willing to relinquish it in order for Him to give us more than even we would ask for.

God only  wants to show us how much He loves us as any parent does. Call Him abba, know Him intimately, put your trust in Him and you will never be disappointed. Learn to listen, to be open and ready to follow where He leads you.

Be willing to accept the abundance that He gives and to always be grateful and to share. Teach others to believe and pray for them that they too may find the way.