Sunday, February 1, 2015

God's small miracles

I believe that God has created miracles in my life. I have been taught that release can give you the miracle of faith. That if we take small steps toward Him, God will lift us up the rest of the way. He has given me the miracle of releasing my anger, bitterness, fear, resentment, blame, and unforgiveness.

All the negativity that was keeping me from growing in spirit and closer to God. He given me the miracle of truly seeing and appreciating the beauty around me and in others. God gave me a new opportunity to use the talents He blessed me with and new goals and more importantly faith in myself that I can succeed, and not to believe in those who tried to discourage me.

When I prayed for positive people to deal with, ones who would listen and have understanding hearts, that is what I received. They were and are kind and supportive and give me encouragement. They have succeeded in giving or getting me what I need to pursue the path God has put me on.

That is a miracle in itself. God has given me the abundance to supply my every day needs and beyond. Whatever I have needed from a computer to an encouraging word He has provided it for me. But beyond that God has healed my heart and taught me that forgiveness not only brings release, it brings peace.

It teaches us to also seek forgiveness for being willing containers for the negativity we have clung to and sets us free. Free to pursue a new life and a new way of living, new goals, and new visions. I have learned not to cling to certain outcomes and to know Gods knows best in all things. To use my energy to move forward, to help others, to spend time in calm meditation with God. To ask for and receive, but most of all to believe in God and miracles.