Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Help me to learn

Help me to be patient, Dear God, and to realize that I can only accomplish forgiveness and change within myself and cannot force others to change. The best I can do is be an example in my own life and pray for those that need it.

I can forgive myself for all my past mistakes and any I might make in the future and realize others will also make mistakes and even when we are hurt by them we need not return like with like but neither do we need to take untruths to heart.

God you are the only one who can judge and you are more forgiving than we humans are, please show us the way. Help me to accept what is and stop expecting more. Thank you for teaching "me" how to express myself to others and to tell them that I enjoy their company.

I understand from my own experience that we need to say the words. So I thank you for my own spiritual growth. Thank you too for the angel friends who have taught me how to hug, to say "I love you" and "miss you" and "appreciate your thoughtfulness".

They have been angel teachers to me who have opened their homes and their hearts. My life is better for the people you've put in it.