Saturday, February 7, 2015

Help me do more

I can do more than I have been doing and I can share more than I have been sharing. I have so many blessings that I need to box some up that others too may benefit. I have clothes hanging that I never wear, and shoes. Please God help me take the time to go through what I no longer use that someone else may benefit that needs and can use them.

Teach me, Dear Lord, to share more, give more, care more, and thank you for reminding me. What I don't use I obviously don't need. Let me unburden myself, create space, bring more light into my life, and harmony into my home and heart.

Help me to let go of those thoughts as well that are not of a positive nature. Teach me, Dear God, to do things now instead of always putting them off. Show me the way, Oh God. I think you for the thoughts you give me each day and the lessons.

Help me to incorporate them in my life. Just keep pointing the way God and I will try to follow. You continue to overwhelm me with your abundance and gladden my heart, my days are filled with joy, and I know love with you.