Sunday, February 15, 2015

Be empowered

We cannot always control the circumstances of our lives but we can control how we react to those circumstances. That is what choice and free will are all about. We can take responsibility for our own actions and reactions.

To blame others, to blame life itself for our behavior is to disempower ourselves. When we do this we are also abdicating our ability to change. Only when we take 100% responsibility for who we are, how we behave and how we live can we change our own circumstances.

We have the power of choice. In this context, there are no victims but empowered individuals who can not only make a difference in their lives but in the lives of others. When we choose to take control of our own life it affects the way we think, perform, how we treat others, our work, our home, our relationships, and our experiences.

Because we choose to view things differently, we react to events in a different manner. We may view a misfortune as merely a challenge whereby we have an opportunity instead of a setback. We don't give up and give in to a "poor me syndrome" but instead regroup, reevaluate, and move on.

We see the lessons in the circumstances and learn from them rather than feel sorry for ourselves and look for places and people to lay blame onto. We can learn to take charge of our life. When something happens we can decide what we are going to do about it.

How we choose to act or react. It is always within our power. When we realize that life is constructed of continuous lessons we can learn by, we start seeking them in all circumstances and therefore we continually grow.

To abdicate them to others or to the world is to say that we are helpless and without power in our own lives. To retain a positive attitude and to seek strength from God, as well as wisdom is to be at peace. To think constructively and release blame is order to experience change and growth. To realize there is a purpose to all things.