Monday, February 16, 2015

God gives insight

I am grateful as always for the insights you give me, Dear God. To know that what I experience in life are the lessons by which I grow. To look not on the faults of others but to see the reasons for their development. To know that discipline is necessary in order to learn from our mistakes.

To not be stagnated and to be understanding. To not feel threatened by the success of others. To not judge my life in comparison to others. We each came here for our own purpose and to seek and fulfill that purpose is what we need to concentrate on, not on the perceived wrongs or pain we feel that others have caused us.

We need but be grateful for the lessons that allow us to change and grow. Nothing is as it seems and we must not rush too quickly into judgement but learn to look deeper into cause and effect to be tolerant and loving. To let go of fear so that we can grow through our experiences and be grateful for them.

Each of us has our path and our responsibility is our own behavior, our own growth, and development. To not concentrate on the past or worry about the future but to be aware of the present as the gift from God it is. We cannot change the past and therefore should release it, extracting only the lessons and releasing the pain.

God does not make mistakes but we do. He has given us the power of choice, of understanding, of being loving and forgiving. There are no faults, only lessons to our personal growth. We can choose to ask God into our life to be our personal teacher and guide.

To give us the insight to change and expand. To love even the unlovable. To be tolerant and giving. To spend less time worrying about the behavior of others and concentrating on continually improving our own.

When we learn to recognize and release our hidden angers, only then can we be at peace. We can ask God for His help and He will teach us to release for only then can we truly love and feel secure in God's love which is unconditional.