Friday, August 5, 2016

When the tide is out

Don't take yourself seriously when you're feeling down and don't try to make life changing decisions at this time for you are not at your optimum and neither will your decisions be.

You're at low tide and vulnerable. Easy to anger. A time at best when you want to be left alone. It's important not to fight it, or others, or take on the world at low tide. But only to recognize that's where you are and that the tide will change again.

All you need do is relax and weather the storm. The sun will shine on you again and the grayness of your world will return to the bright colors of feeling good, once more.

When the tide comes in it fills us with hope and happiness. With a sense of well-being and that all is right with the world. Everything looks better again and our perspective on life is out of the gray and into the pink.

People comment about seeing the world with rose colored glasses. Well we only do that when we're at high tide and feeling good. Our decisions are more optimistic because we have the sense to look further instead of being stopped by the first rejection.

We don't take affront at every minor mishap and turn it into a confrontation blowing things out of proportion. It's best if we become aware of our internal tides and when we are low, wait for the tide to change.

All things pass. Nothing ever stays constantly down or up. The law of gravity itself brings everything down, but in our reality we realize we can and will rise again.

We have our highs and lows. Our flows and ebbs. Our coming and going from gaiety to despair. Just be aware when the tide is out and wait for a better day when the tide is higher before you decide anything major.