Friday, August 12, 2016

Have Faith, God Provides

Faith is a learning process, not a place we arrive at. We are constantly being tested by circumstances in life. There is financial uncertainty that comes to all of us at one time or another. We may pray over it and hope for a symbol that we have been answered, but what are we looking for?

Is there a dollar amount that will make us feel secure? Instead, we should pray "give me faith". The Divine word is that "all things will be provided" and we are to trust in the Lord. But when will they be provided?

Usually, when we need them! So at times we feel helpless, but why? We are feeling a need to have that symbol of security, so we worry.

We worry about our livelihood, our bills, our future. What we need to pray for is courage, to acknowledge that we are not in control in this life, but that "through Him", the Divine all-that-is, all good things come.

He is the supplier of abundance. We have a purpose to serve in being here and all that we need will come. Not through our own powers, but through the grace of God. "Have no fear, for I am with you, always" is His promise.

Not just in good times, bad times, or indifferent times, but always. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that when we are making a request. Maybe we should start by thanking God for all that we have.

Then we can ask Him to strengthen our faith, that we not live in doubt, but in gratitude. That we not seek symbols with dollar signs. For when we do that what we are saying to the universe is "I believe I have an insufficiency" and that is exactly what we attract.

The Divine is our abundance and as long as we put our faith in Him all our needs will be provided for. Be confident in His love.