Thursday, August 4, 2016

Be willing to serve

What we receive is balanced by what we give. Not just monetarily, but emotionally, lovingly, supportively, generously. If we reject being there for someone when we could, only because, we don't care about those others.

We are sending a message to the universe that we are uncaring. If we refuse to see someone when they are ill because it would make us uncomfortable, we are saying to the universe only bother when the times are good.

When we deny others when we could share what we have we are saying to the universe that we ourselves are bankrupt of a generous nature. When we allow our self-respect to be trampled for what we believe is financial security we are saying to the universe we are unworthy.

When we don't have many friends because we don't reach out in friendship we say to the universe I am unloving. When God gives us the opportunity to give to others, to demonstrate acts of love, to be generous of spirit, He does not ask us to judge "is this person worthy?".

He merely give us an opportunity and says "what will you do with it?". Then it is our choice. It is our own choice to see that this person is also a child of God. That we don't have to like everyone to be generous of nature.

That when we feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, minister to the sick, visit the incarcerated, pray for the sinner, love the unloving, look for the lost, try to achieve peace, cheer up the lonely, or smile at a stranger, we are doing God's work.

For what we do, for the least of His children, we do for Him. We cannot just expect and pray for our own needs, but say to the universe I am willing to serve.