Monday, August 29, 2016

Journal your prayers

Keep a journal of your prayers and God's answers that you may track your progress. See the proof of God's love as you see the number of times S/He responds to your requests. Reexamine those things that you have asked of Him that you may recount the worthiness of what you seek and also whether what you were given was not even better than what you anticipated for yourself.

Do this in conjunction with your gratitude journal/book you should be keeping. It is the spoken word visualized. It is a testimony to God's answers that we may look back and see that over and over through the years God hears and responds.

Notice too that the more aware you are of this interaction with God, the more worthy your requests the more rapid the answers. God has been waiting for you to seek Him out. The proof of His word is what you should share with others that their faith too may be increased.

Record how God works in your life as did the disciples who went before. A journal not only shows you what you ask but how you ask it. You will notice, over time, that what you release to God, without requesting a definite outcome will always be answered to your fullest benefit.

Beyond your own human limitations of what could or should be. When we pray for guidance, God shows us the way and a new door opens to us. In this way, through our journal we can truly see a visible acknowledgement of God working in our life over and over again.

The more conscious we become of it, the more we seek Him out, the greater we involve Him in all that we do and the more answers we receive. Why? Not because our Father wasn't responding before, but because we now see Him as the source working visibly in our life and we stop stumbling on alone. It is the act of the known, made visible, a reminder of His love and involvement in our lives.