Thursday, August 18, 2016

Celebrate Now

There are many occasions to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. But we needn't wait for a special time or a special day. Celebrate life. The gift of each day and the surprises it holds for us. Celebrate the beauty of the world and of all God's creations, including yourself.

The magnificent ways our bodies function without conscious control, and often without gratitude. We can celebrate the evening sky. The stars, moon and planets, a more wondrous display than any fireworks man devises.

Celebrate the changes of seasons. Leaves turning, snow falling. The sun's warmth, and the rain's replenishment. The birds sing the day into being by greeting it with song each morning. The Divine speaks to us in nature itself and we are in awe of His creation.

The majesty of a sequoia growing for hundreds of years. The vastness of the oceans and their constant movement. The life it holds within it far below. The variety of the animals that share this world with us.

The Divine provides all that we need, seen and unseen. And the greatest of all gifts is His unconditional love that brings us here to experience and celebrate this life. To be aware it is happening and to live in acknowledgement and gratitude.

To allow God to tend to our worries and to seek instead Divine guidance. To ask Him to "show us the way". Listen to Him speak in the wind. In the light and the darkness, and in the still small voice within.

Feel the angels around you. S/He has sent them to be with you in this life and beyond. Celebrate our union with all-that-there-is and know greater happiness and understanding in the awareness.