Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Time for a Jubilee

A jubilee is a time for restoration and renewal. A time of hope and celebration. It is a time to free the ties that bind, releasing the yoke of servitude. It is a time to move on and to do better. It is a new beginning and a closure.

It is a time of forgiveness and peace. Is a new phase coming with the millennium? This has seemed a time of preparation with more evidence of Angels visible. A greater interest in the spiritual and an abundance of information in evidence in books, seminars, television programs and series.

They speak to us of God, of Angels, of mysteries, and miracles. Of hidden messages in the bible. Of prophecies and predictions. People are filled with doubt and hope. There is an increase in visionaries and apparitions.

Whatever reason turns people toward greater faith it is a blessing. We must reach and teach the young. Violence is not an answer to the emptiness they feel, but finding God is. Stop seeking outward for answers and instead, go inward with questions.

We are living blueprints the Almighty has created, and within us is encoded the answers to the mysteries of life, and our purpose within this life. We cannot find them without seeking and we cannot receive them without listening.

In order to listen, we must silence the chaos within our mind, the anger within our hearts, the doubts that drown our spirit. Learn to be still and you will know. The Divine will provide all that you need to learn in truth and faith.

You will be able to see with new eyes enriched in variety without being distinguished by colors. You will recognize the unity of spirit within, instead of the difference without. If we prepare for change we create change for what we believe is what we receive.