Saturday, August 20, 2016

Worry Solves Nothing

Be at peace, for everything is in God's hands and nothing is solved through worry and sleepless nights. To realize we can do nothing alone and to seek Divine guidance is the surest way to receive an answer.

All the anxiety in the world cannot replace Divine wisdom. Release and be at peace. All is right with the world when we let go and let God. He sends Angels to walk with us and to be that still small voice within that guides us.

When we quiet and calm ourselves we are able to hear. When we believe we become open to receive. Even in the wilderness His voice calls out to us. We just need to stop, look, and listen to hear our Father's voice.

Don't let fear drown out the voice of wisdom, and the wat ifs drive you to distraction. Have patience, especially with yourself. You are here to learn and when we are ready a teacher is provided. We start by admitting the need for help and asking the Lord to be with us as our companion and our guide.

To ask our guardian Angel to not only watch over us but to assist us. And to be aware of the signs that are sent. For answers can be heard in a song or a word that catches our ears randomly.

The Divine answers in mysterious ways. Be we cannot see or hear when we are locked in fear. While in faith, all is revealed in Divine time. We receive what we need when we need it.

Our loving Father is generous indeed and He wishes more for us than we would ask for ourselves. The Divine is generous in His abundance as is any loving Father. Our purpose is to learn. Struggle is not a necessity unless we make it so. Relax. Know you are loved. Do not neglect the beauty of the day with useless worry.