Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Stillness is like prayer

The air is so still it's as if it is waiting for God to breathe life into the day. The humidity is a weight on the mind and the spirit. Heavy in expectation. It is a waiting to exhale, for a drop of rain or the sun to break through.

As if we are alive in a moment of suspended animation and only we ourselves can move. Even the birds are subdued, as if in anticipation. They chatter but don't take flight. There are some who would say it is earthquake weather, but only God knows what lies in the stillness.

It is like waiting for lightning to strike and I am the rod. Clouds are building up overhead, heavy even in their puffiness. They are neither an angry grey or billowy white, but thick with an unknown promise unspoken.

Not skittering across as they sometimes do but seemingly immobile. I do not see any Angel or animal formations today. It's like a prayer and then waiting for God to speak. That quiet pregnant thought, is someone there?

Then knowing, understanding, being aware of a vast eternal love that enfolds you in His care. My child "stillness" at times is needed for you to hear. That's why I put pauses even upon the earth so that your promises of Divine thought can give birth.

The vastness is my love for you and all my children as you struggle through this life, this learning, this experience on earth. I am never farther than the beat of your own heart. Your soul from me will never be apart.

Just breathe and you can take me in and feel my loving care within again, you have forgotten so you do not know. I am within you everywhere you go. At night, my Angels watch you sleep and within their care is where you'll always keep. Now be at peace.