Saturday, August 6, 2016

Let Go, Let God

Not only do we intuitively know when a relationship is over, but when it is time to move on from other things  as well. Such as a job that we have been at too long and not only feel a loss of joy for, but a daily dread of being there.

But we deny what we know for fear of change, of the unknown and because of our own self-doubt. We will stay in a situation overlong, clinging desperately to what not longer serves our purpose simply because we are familiar with it, even if it is no longer comfortable.

Like an old shoe that is worn down and uncomfortable. We put off breaking in something new for fear of blisters, or a tightness from the newness. We struggle not only emotionally but physically. Soon our stomach is tightening and burning.

Our sleep is disrupted our mind churns over the events of the day, and the dread of tomorrow. Our moods are no longer a pendulum, but a lead weight and we are sinking ever deeper with it. We forget that we can ask for Divine guidance in our uncertainty.

We do not trust that the opportunities we need will be provided and we certainly do not believe in ourselves. Instead, we have locked ourselves into a helpless and hopeless cycle of emotional discontent and anxiety.

This is not the way we're meant to live, spiritually deprived. We must ask to receive and we must quiet ourselves to hear. The answer, the opportunities, and the purpose will appear. We will find an inner peace of knowing.

Be confident in trusting your spiritual knowing that inner voice that is the barometer to guide us. It is your Angels speaking. The Divine showing you the way. Illuminating the path that will serve your destiny. Be assured that you can do what you are here to do. Let Go. Let God!