Sunday, August 7, 2016

Let healing begin

Be at peace and let the healing begin. When you change in spirit and release your own hostility, expectations, resentments, and jealousies, and all the pain within that has been eroding your spirit, others will see the change within and react differently towards you which helps you to heal.

You cannot change others, you can only work to remove the blocks and barriers to your own healing. To seek your own peace. To confront the uncertainties and doubts. To seek and find faith and work on strengthening your own inner spirit.

To become aware of the beauty in your existence as you release the obstacles that were blinding you that you may feel excited about the new day that is a gift.

When we seek the courage to do our inner homework we find a new assurance and joy in life. The Divine blesses us in abundance, contentment, and confidence and teaches us the generosity of sharing those blessings with others.

We learn so that we may teach by example. What we learn becomes apparent to others by the way we live. We spend less time in the valley of despair worrying about our deprivations and celebrate each small blessing of each day's abundance and beauty.

Gifts that are available to each one of us if we release in order to receive. When we take the blinders of self-pity off we are open to the radiance of Divine creation. We learn to seek Divine guidance so that we stop stumbling in the mire of what ifs.

They no longer matter. We come to realize how very much we are loved. That we are surrounded by Angels to guard our steps. That we are never alone and that there is a greater purpose to life.

It becomes not so much about us, but what we can do for others. We learn to seek the quiet so that we can better listen. When we heal we help heal others as well.