Monday, August 22, 2016

Everything in life is Divine

We must learn to see the Divine in all others. In the poor and hungry who beg for food and money. In those unable to legally work, who stand on street corners hoping for someone to hire them for the day.

To those who rummage in the trash for cans and other recyclables that may be converted into money for food and necessities. In those too ill to work that they must depend on charity.

God created us all. The needy as well as the wealthy. It is only circumstances that separate us. If you have a family member with whom you are estranged and they seek to bridge that chasm, open your arms to them for they too are part of the Divine.

Rid yourself of judgments lest you be judged. If someone is gay understand that in this life they are experiencing rejection and struggle on many levels. Treat them as the child of God that they are, recognizing that part of them in the spirit of love, and remember God doesn't make mistakes.

If someone is of a different nationality, color, or religion, see the brotherhood of the Divine within, not the difference that exists without. Honor others and you honor the Divine. Life is something we came to experience, to share, to learn and grow from.

It is a finite part of our infinite selves. Even in animals recognize the spirit of the Divine within.If they are pets embrace the joy they bring into our lives and treat them with the dignity of all Divine creatures.

Allow your own spirit to grow through the acceptance and love of others. There is not superior and inferior in life, only Divine creation experiencing a journey which is the path of truth they have chosen to travel. Indeed, they may be Angels in disguise sent to test our faith and love.